Fist of Legend Review


*최송해요 친구들. 이 포스트 영어만 있어요… 아마 주말에 한국어로 번역 할거예요. 조금만 기다려요~ ㅎㅎ*


“Fist of Legend” was directed by Kang Woo-Suk and stars Hwang Jeong-min, Yoo Jun-Sang, and Yoon Je-Moon. I have to admit the only reason I saw this movie was Hwang Jeong-Min was the leading character. The trailer didn’t pull me in but as I am a fan of Hwang Jeong-Min, I thought I would give it a shot.

 The story is mixed with various genres and leaves several holes in the storyline. One gigantic hole was one of the boys this film focuses on. When it shows the men in flashbacks during their high school days, it focuses on four boys. However, when we see them as they are now, one is almost entirely left out of the story. They don’t explain his actions and are almost the complete opposite of the character we are introduced when they are kids.

 It also appears that the write has very little knowledge of mixed-martial arts which could have also really helped improve the story. Beyond “armbar” they don’t really dive into the technical terms of the competition. I would be willing to forgive this if they didn’t try to frame the film as a MMA style arena and simply went with a “backyard” style of fighting like most of these men would have been use to.

 The film is driven on the back of Hwang Jeong-Min. He does an amazing job of acting and almost makes the other actors vanish while he is onscreen. Throughout the film, you fall in love with him over and over. The relationship with his daughter felt real and you are constantly cheering for him to make it through; the relationship as well as the tournament. I also like the contrast between the father he is now from the angry child he was in school.

 I think this could have been a great story if it was more about the men dealing with the decisions they made as children rather than to try to use a popular sport to pull in an audience. With all the different things going on and the gapping holes in the storyline, this film falls flat.

 Remake it using the kids’ stories and how they cope with it in their later years and you will have a fantastic film. As it stands, I wouldn’t watch it again nor will I buy it on blu-ray. 


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