The Traffickers Review (공모자들)


김홍선 감독님의 영화 “공모자들” 임창정, 최다니엘, 오달수와 함께 찍은 영화예요.
내가 작년에 보고 싶었는데 못 봐서 이영화를 까먹고 있었어요.
션이 우리 집에 와서 “내가 어제 집에서 영화를 봤는데 생각보다 완전 괜찮아. 너도 좋아할거야. 같이 보자” 했어요.
그래서 예고편을 봤는데 “오! 내가 작년에 이영화 보고싶었어”라고 했어요.
이영화는 진짜 괜찮아요~~

배우들이 연기 너무 잘 했어요. 내가 오달수 영화를 많이 봤는데 이런 캐릭터의 연기를 하는건 처음 봤어요.
계속 머리에 “오달수 너 이런 사람이 아니에요~~”라고 생각 했어요. ㅎㅎ

최다니엘 영화는 처음 봤는데 연기를 진짜 잘 했어요. 이 캐릭터는 그사람이라고 믿게 만들었어요.

스토리도 잘 썼어요. 한번 지루하지 않았어요. 서스펜스요소가 많이 있는데 계속 긴장하고 있는 우리를
오달수가 유머러스한 연기로 긴장을 풀어주는 역활을 잘 했어요.

“공모자들” 재미있는데 피가 많이 나오고 소름이끼치는 장면이 많아서 이런 류의 영화를 싫어하는 사람들은
보기 힘든 영화인데 이영화를 보면 이영화를 왜 만들었는지 이해가 돼요.

그래서 내가 이영화를 사람들이 많이 봤으면 좋겠다 라고 생각해요~ ^.^

English Translation

Kim Hong-Sun’s film, “The Traffickers” stars lm Chang-Jeong, Choi Daniel, and Oh Dal-Soo.
I heard about this film last year but was unable to see it at the time and it slipped from my mind.
This past week, Sean came over, “I saw a really good movie last night and I think you would enjoy it.”
“Which movie?”
“The Traffickers.”
So, I looked up the film and remembered I really wanted to see it.

The actors in this film do a great job in each of their roles. No one seemed out of place at all. However,
this was my first time seeing Oh Dal-Soo portraying this kind of character and I kept saying, “What are you
doing? You are suppose to be a nice guy!” This was also my first time seeing Choi Daniel in a film and I
must say you really believe his character. All the actors just suck you into the story.

The story itself was also very well written. There isn’t any slow moment in the entire film. There is quite
a bit of suspense, but thanks to Oh Dal-Soo and some of his humorous lines, the tension is never
too much.

This is a great film but might be a bit much for some fans due to the graphic nature of the story. They
show a great deal of what traffickers can and will do to great detail. However, I think all of the gruesomeness
of the film is needed to get the director’s point across to the audience. It shows just how violent this lifestyle
really is.

I think this is a must watch for any movie-goer.


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