Kim Yoon-Seok in “Hwai”


Kim Yoon-Seok (Chaser, The Thieves) was in a film back in 2011 called “Punch” and I have been waiting to see him on screen ever since. He stared in “The Thieves” last year but I wasn’t impressed with the movie as everything was way too predictable. It was hyped as Korea’s “Ocean’s Eleven” but I don’t think I would even compare the two other than they are both about stealing.

Well, Kim Yoon-Seok will be back on the big screen this year with the film, “Hwai”. It is being directed by Jang Jun-Hwan, which will be his first feature-length film. Hwai tells the story of a boy who is kidnapped at a young age by 5 criminals until he finds out the truth about his past. The story sounds quite interesting and hopefully Yoon-Seok will have a great performance like that in “Punch” or “Chaser”.

The film will also star Yeo Jin-Ku (Antinque, No Mercy for the Rude) and Jo Jin-Woong (The Front Line, Nameless Gangster).

Source: HanCinema, allKPop


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