Choi Min-Sik in “New World”


I always get excited when I see some of my favorite Korean actors appearing in the same film. This time, Choi Min-Sik (Oldboy, I Saw the Devil, Nameless Gangster) will be starring along side Hwang Jung-Min (Private Eye, Unjust) as the two will be combating organized crime in “New World.” The film is scheduled to be released towards the end of February in Korea and was directed by Park Hoon-Jung.(The Unjust, I Saw the Devil)writer*

Jung-Min is the boss’ right-hand man of a gang and when the boss dies, he must fight for the number one spot. He also must rely on the number 3 guy, Lee Jung-Jae(The Housemaid, Thieves), who is secretly an undercover detective. Jung-Jae must decide who where his loyalties lie; with Jung-Min or with Min-Sik, a high ranking officer who is using the detective simply as a pawn.

The story sounds interesting and I look forward to seeing the two actors along with Jung-Jae on the big screen.

Source: AsiaWiki HanCinema


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