The Servant Review


Okay, so this post is of an older movie, (It came out in 2010.) but is a truly great piece by director Kim Dae-Woo. The Servant takes a different perspective of an old traditional Korean tale, this time taking the somewhat dumb character, Bang-Ja, and turning him into a handsome man who falls in love with Chun-Hyang. The original story has her falling in love with a noble’s son, Myong-Ryong. I thought the different perspective of the story was really well done keeping with a lot of the original story.

Along with the story being well written, the acting is also great. You begin to hate Myong-Ryong for his arrogance and can’t help but to feel sorry for Bang-Ja as he gets caught in the middle of lies and deceit.

Cinematography in the film is simply beautiful. Most of the film is shot outside and shows a lot of the beauty Korea has to offer. The colors in the film are vibrant and just gorgeous. The costume designs only add to the films character and story telling.

This is a film you should not miss. Think Romeo and Juliet. You won’t be disappointed by watching this film.

*Also, if you would like to know about the real story, do a quick search for Chun-Hyang. It’s a great love story.*


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