Nameless Gangster Review


Korea has been putting out gangster films for a long time but “Nameless Gangster” is most certainly at the top of the list. One thing I really loved about this movie was the music. The director, Yoon Jong-Bin, really lets the music to set the mood for each scene. One scene where the music was especially effective was during a nightclub scene. Actors Choi Min-Seok and Ha Jung-Woo walk into the nightclub and the music begins. It really set the atmosphere and you know exactly where things are about to go.

Another thing I enjoyed was actor Choi Min-Seok. He played the role of the wannabe gangster and is able to play on several of your emotions. There will be times when you can’t stand him then you begin to simply pity him for his bad luck. He is supposed to be a big shot gangster but throughout the film, you simply see this little child in him playing with the “grown-ups.”

One thing about the film is it is long. Characters begin to repeat things, get caught in the same traps and at times becomes a little monotonous. Other than the length and feeling like a few scenes were repeated, it really is a good movie to watch. It isn’t as action packed as most Korean gangster films, but it ranks at the top in my opinion.


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