A Company Man (English)


“A Company Man” is Lim Sang-Yoon’s directorial debut. The film is about a man who dresses up as your every day businessman, however, this businessman’s job is killing. It had a lot of potential with the actor So Ji-sub and when I saw the trailer, I got really excited. However, this excitement faded away about 15 minutes into the film.

So Ji-Sub does a great job acting in this film. He plays the role of a man who, on the clock, is confident and will always get the job done. However, once he is off the clock, he is socially awkward. It was a good mix and not the way many people would play the character. Too bad this is as good as it gets with “A Company Man”.

I began to question if there was a *script soup. on set. There were several scenes where people would simply disappear. We aren’t talking about a coffee cup being in the wrong place or the wrong color towel being used. We are talking about a person being in the shot one second then completely vanishing another second.

Then, there was the complete change in film color and style towards the end of the film. If the director’s goal was to completely remove you from the story, congratulations, he did just that. In the end, I felt I was watching something my classmates and I made back in school. It was amateurish and a film I would never watch again. Nor do I recommend it to any of my friends.

*script soup. – a person on set to watch for the film’s continuity*


2 responses to “A Company Man (English)

    • What don’t you understand? It’s pretty straight forward on what I didn’t like with the film. The film has several continuity mistakes and that’s what I was talking about.

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