Howling (English)

1 out of 5 stars.

“Howling” tries to disguises itself as an action thriller but turns out to be nothing more than a detective film, if you could even call it that. There is absolutely nothing new with this film. All of the characters and the story have been done enough to make you wonder why anyone would want to do them again. The only thing you could possibly consider new is the fact a wolf/dog is the murderer, which causes so many plot holes, it becomes humorous.

Lee Na-Young plays a rookie cop who doesn’t get along with the older veteran cop played by Song Kang-Ho, two characters we have seen repeatedly on screen. Lee doesn’t play the character well and at times her acting seems too forced and you just can’t believe she would ever be a detective. The whole relationship between her and Song is boring and before they even meet, you know exactly how their relationship will end; with each liking the other.

The whole plot of the dog killing only a select number of people is so far fetched it becomes laughable. I would have enjoyed the film more if it were about a wild wolf that attacked people leaving the detectives with trying to figure out where the animal lives and why he began killing in the first place. It is a more believable plot than an upset man seeking revenge on men by using a dog as his weapon.

Also, throughout the whole film, we are barraged with these flashbacks. Most of them are completely unnecessary and just slow the film down. One flashback in particular is one while Lee’s character is riding a motorcycle and begins thinking about her past relationship. It has almost nothing to do with the story and I believe the film could have done without it. Then, we are constantly shown the scene of the dog starring into Lee’s eyes repeatedly. We are shown this image so much, that by the end, when we are suppose to feel sad, it comes off completely comical.

This will be a film that I will not buy on DVD.


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